Perforated Sheets

Perforated sheets can be used in many different areas such as facades, external areas, privacy screens, or creative wall and protective elements.


Trimform manufactures standard stock perforated sheets; with perforated metal panels; factory fabricated with return folds, plain borders, fixing holes, curved surfaces and coloured finishes to suit individual requirements. Perforated products form an aesthetic translucent veil allowing natural ventilation and partial rain screening and giving an impressive architectural finish.


When using any type of mesh product as a decorative feature you are dealing with light and shade. This can be created by changing the free area. Free area is the amount of perforations/holes in a given area and is often conveyed as a percentage. Free area influences the visual appearance of a pattern and also its physical performance.


Whether you are using perforated metal for energy-saving benefits, sound control, lighting effects or aesthetic appearance, you can rely on our expertise to achieve the results you need. Our specialised tooling process, extensive tool range and state-of-the-art punching machines can be configured to offer a vast range of different panel patterns. Materials used include aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel, and pre-galvanised steel.