Condensation Control

Profiles for metal roofing and cladding

Trimform manufactures roof and wall profiles for the industrial, commercial, agricultural and leisure sectors.

The profiles are available in a wide range of materials, colours and finishes for single skin, insulated twin skin, composite and fibre cement systems, including anti-con and vented profiles. For a one-stop-shop, profiles are backed up by a full range of flashings, gutters, purlins, insulation, rooflights and fasteners.


Condensation forms in a building when warm air comes into contact with cold surfaces. This is of particular concern in buildings housing livestock, biomass and other organic matter, and occurs on the underside of single-skin metal roofs during frosty weather.

Condensate can run down the roof and collect on or within the building fabric where it can cause damage, rust and rot, or drip from the roof.

Trimform offers Dripstop to reduce the risk of damage from dripping or running condensate. 


Dripstop is a grey fleece membrane factory fitted to the underside of a profile to control surface condensation, to reduce the risk of condensation drips and to encourage drying in ventilated roofs.